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Gaining independent status

In 2016 Durack School became an Independent Public School (IPS). This involved a change in structure as we transitioned from a school council to a school board. During the last term of 2015 and early in 2016 we made decisions on the structure of the board, identifying the expertise that is required from board members, advertising for members and developing processes and protocols. At our Annual General Meeting in March we formed the first Durack School Board.

Gaining independent status

Becoming an IPS will allow the principal and the school board greater control over the future direction of the school. The principal can exercise a higher level of autonomy particularly in relation to staff selection, human resource delegations, governance and the teaching and learning programs. Durack School will still be part of the public education system and must adhere to industrial and legislative requirements however will operate under different accountability and governance structures to other Northern Territory non IPS schools. The principal will report directly to the Chief Executive and the board will be focused on the strategic direction of the school and monitoring progress against agreed targets. Committees will be established for fundraising, finance and facilities etc and report to the board.

School Board

In 2016 we have had a very active School Board, under the direction of Wally Mauger, School Board Chairperson. The School Board has worked very collaboratively with the Principal and school staff to achieve the best outcomes for our students. The School Board has had oversight for the broad strategic direction of the school and was strongly in support of Durack School becoming an IPS. The School Board has had input into, and ratified, school policies and continues to have an active role in upcoming school projects, the finance committee and school fundraising events.

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