Sports Day 2016

Date: 03 Jun 2016
Time: 08:10AM 02:30PM
Location: Durack School
For: Preschool to Grade 6

Please join us for Durack School's 2016 Sports Day 

Students should wear a

  • T-shirt in house colour
  • Black School shorts or skorts
  • School hat (clearly labelled)
  • Appropriate sports shoes (runners)
  • Sunscreen

Students should bring a water bottle that is clearly labelled. Water points will be set up around the school but cups are not available, they will be to fill up empty water bottles only.

Student’s hair may be coloured to match their team T-shirt. Students may also wear hair accessories or zinc cream as extra decoration however this should happen at home prior to arrival at school.

Students may also use streamers or flags in house colours to show support for their team. 

Sportsmanship, good will and enthusiasm is essential!

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