Posted on 19 September, 2016

Drone, Droids and Robots

Drone, Droids and Robots

This week the computer lab was open for lunch time coding to celebrate Science week, with the theme of 'Drone, Droids and Robots.'

Many of the students showed how they want to learn how to code. As well as coding being "cool" it also helps build these skill sets:

  • Logical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Persistence
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

Students used bee bots and programmed them to design pictures, letters and shapes. They also played a game where they had to program a 'moon buggy', changing either the direction or distance the robot needed to travel.

Shawn (4H) " When you get it correct I like watching it complete.'

Matilda (3R) 'they are cool and they move around making cute noises.'

Kaeden ' (5W) Coding is fun'

Charli (5W) 'It's educational and fun!'

Tamlyn (5W) 'Bee bots make you better at co-ordination and problem solving. You need to show persistence as if you get the term wrong you go back and do it again.'

Drone, Droids and Robots

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Posted on 27 April 2017

First Aid Visit

First Aid Visit

To start Term 2, all classes at Durack School were paid a visit from NT St John First Aid trainers, who raised awareness of the various dangers around student’s homes and their environment. Some of the dangers included: Spilt water on the floorHot pots and pans on the stoveStanding on chairsHolding…

Posted on 27 April 2017

Safety House Visit

Safety House Visit

On Thursday 6th April at assembly, Sue Sears, the Safety House Coordinator spoke about the Safety House Program. A Safety House can be used by children when they are feeling frightened, unsafe, threatened or unsure. Children were reminded of the three R's which are Recognise, React and Report.…

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