Talent Development

Durack School has created extension groups for students of high potential.

About our extension groups

The aim of our extension groups is to:

  • Provide an enriched curriculum broadening individual students' knowledge and skills
  • Cater for the individual needs of students by providing further extension in those topics or areas in which the students are demonstrating exceptional ability, interest or talent
  • Allow students to undertake studies in different and additional areas of interest
  • Enable students to enjoy an intellectually rigorous and challenging program

Current groups

To date there four groups in place – Writing (Yrs 4 -6), Numeracy (Yrs 4 -6), Science (Yrs 2 – 6) and Japanese (Yrs 4 -6). The creation of these groups has also provided the motivation to improve for others who aspire to be in the group.


Students are able to nominate to participate in these groups or are identified by a teacher and encouraged to join. Students must meet a certain level of competence to be selected.

Talent Development

Talent Development

New groups are on the way

Planning is underway for students to participate in a Coding group where they learn to create their own computer programs. We also have a group entering the Tournament of Minds competition and students learning musical instruments now have the opportunity to join with others in a school band.

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